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Women's Health

Specialising in Women's Health

At Killarney Medical Centre we offer advice on a range of symptoms and illnesses specific to females including:

Dr Lynda O'Callaghan

We are registered with the National Cancer Screening Service for provision of cervical cancer screening ( smear tests ). These are available free of charge if you are currently due a smear ( every 3 years for women age 25 – 45, every 5 years from age 45 – 60 ). More information about smears is available on their website

A full Well Woman check requires a double appointment. It will be adapted to your age and specific complaints, taking into account your past medical history and family history.

It will include a comprehensive history, full physical examination and urinalysis. Smear test is included if you are due a smear.

Blood tests and ECG may be done if appropriate ( if you would like a cholesterol test you should be fasting for 12 hours so book an early morning appointment ).

We will also check your BMI ( body mass index ) and cardiac risk and advise accordingly.

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